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story mode: Infos

the journey of discovery

embark on one, two or three

of the following experiences along with me &

choose your preferred language:
i speak, read and write english, german, dutch, italian, french and hebrew

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Open book .jpg
Open book .jpg
story mode: Dienstleistungen


five meetings

180 minutes each


make time 

to discover your story.

my questions

will guide you.

when meeting once a week

your capacity

to remember

even small details

will intensify. 

15 hours of

biographical memories 

will be

recorded professionally and saved

in various file formats.





i will listen

to our recordings and transcribe

your memories


in a text document.

this document

will help

you and others 

navigate your story.

this transcription

is an essential


for a book

or audio book.



soft-cover-book or

audio book

your memories

will be reassembled

and composed

as a story

others will want to read

or listen to.

your memories

can be transformed

into a book 

or an audio book

with sound effects

and music.

either way

your story will become

a unique piece of art.

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