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this is how

my clients

feel about the biographical journey on which i accompany them:

"it has been many years i wanted to write the story of my life.

a close friend connected me with ruth kinet.

needless to say i was very nervous 

to share my deepest inner world with somebody i didn't know yet.

but at our first meeting all my trepidation dissolved right away. 

i was immediately captivated by ruth's undescribable presence.

i told her my life - free and easy.

i even shared with her the memories

of events that i had never shared with anyone else until then.

during our meetings she woke memories in me that i had wanted to oust or forget.

my whole childhood and adolescence returned to the surface of my awareness.

in her writing ruth interwove my words into a new kind of wholeness.

for my written biography she researched details that left me speechless.

and the most precious gift i got from her is her strengthening my belief.

i reconnected to the religion i belong to.

i use to say: 'there are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason!'

since my first meeting with ruth my life has completely changed in a positive way.

i can proudly say that i got a new grip on my life

and that today i am pursuing my goals

in a mindful and self confident way.

thank you ruth." 

miron yoseph

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