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what's your story?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

becoming aware of your journey can be a first step of empowerment

these days I am accompanying a friend on her way out of her comfort zone. she is a wonderful and extremely gifted woman, mother, wife and employee at a prestigious institution. she has a lot of experience in her field but after she gave birth her focus in life shifted towards wanting to be with her children as much as she could.

today her kids are already attending school and need less of her time. throughout the past months she started feeling a change in her mind: a new spark of ambition was growing bigger. she realized that she wanted to move out of her comfort zone in order to show the world what she's capable of. but together with this insight frustration spread in her mind: why didn't the world around her recognize her potential?

it was an eye opening moment when one bright day a close friend told her: "you have to find a way to tell your story!" suddenly she understood which link was missing between her inner knowledge of herself and the outside world: her story!

unconsciously she had always supposed that she was some kind of screen on which all her skills were listed. now she realized that her colleagues and business partners just weren't aware of the journey she had behind her. not out of bad intentions, deliberate ignorance or some other hostile motive she used to imagine in moments of self-doubt.

my friend and I started meeting once a week for a talk over skype. i am glad to share with you that she is on her way out of her comfort zone by discovering her story.


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