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biographical journey

as a journalist i met many different people all over the globe.
i discovered that each of us has his or her story.
from my own experience i know
that being aware of my story provides me roots in life.
it makes it easier for me to connect with others.
it can make all the difference when looking for a new job.
and it will definitely be a treasure for the generations to come.



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chose your preferred language:
i speak, read and write english, german, dutch, italian, french and hebrew

Image by Kimzy Nanney
Close up von Mikrofon
Image by Kaitlyn Baker


five meetings 180 minutes each

do you want to uncover

the inner coherence of your life?  

or do you want to transfer your experiences to the next generation?

in our meetings

my questions will guide you

through the different chapters of your life. when meeting once a week

your capacity to remember even small details will intensify. 


word-by-word transcript

and live recording

do you want to collect

your memories as a protocol of our interviews and store them as an acoustic document for the near and far future?

i will write down all of our verbal journey and deliver the audio recording

under the digital format you prefer.  


book or audio play

do you want your story

transformed into a literary text

or an audio drama

that immerses its listeners 

with sound effects and music in the story?

i will create

a unique piece of art

from your personal story.


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